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Flaircare Skincare Nonsurgical Rejuvenation Clinic

Flaircare Skincare Nonsurgical Rejuvenation Clinic - to help reverse SOA.

Sound advice  healthy skincare ranges and skincare treatments to achieve results.  Home of Spry Pillow Australia/NZ

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Cynthia Masters RN 
Flaircare Skincare Nonsurgical Rejuvenation Clinic

Committed to Quality

...what if I took all the years of clinical proficiency from my nursing background and focused on promoting wellness through exemplary skin care and skin health?"  Cynthia Masters BSci, CCRN

It was exactly this thought that propelled Cynthia into the world of Aesthetic Nursing, by founding her private clinic Flaircare Skincare Clinic in Malvern, Victoria.  In this medical skincare clinic in Malvern, all of Cynthia's clients get the full benefit of her foundation in medical science, coupled with a strong commitment to promoting superior options in skin care with nonsurgical rejuvenation treatments and effective cosmeceuticals.  "There is no one size fits all when analysing and establishing a customised skincare program for my clients.  Each individual deserves to have a specific course of therapy that considers all their personal variables" added Cynthia. 

Flaircare Skincare Clinic fosters the principles of education and prevention.  "All the serums in the world cannot help you if you don't learn to view yourself holistically with a major emphasis on living a 'sun-smart' life," stressed Cynthia.  Hydration, diet, exercise, sleep and many other factors all play a part in achieving that youthful, healthy glow we all strive for."

The clinic has a wide base of varied skin types and treatments.  Rosacea, Pigmentation Issues, Acne and Sensitive Skin are challenging for many of her clients.  In the past, many of them felt that there was no treatment that would work for their type of skin.  However, Cynthia welcomes all skin types into her clinic, knowing that together, a management solution can be found. 

Flaircare Skincare stocks only the best in skincare that addresses clients skincare issues. Especially for those with sensitive skin types.

​With a focus to diminish inflammation in the skin the following services are used at Flaircare Skincare: 

Medical grade facials and treatments designed to nourish and protect your skin with a wide range of cosmeceuticals - thus enabling changes to occur.

LED Phototherapy and Microneedling utilised for healthy collagen induction and rejuvenation.

And, if needed, the use of anti-ageing injectables to allay clients concern over specific areas of the face.

Flaircare Skincare Clinic provides full service skin care.  All appropriate treatments plans, cosmeceuticals, products, education, consultation and follow up visits are provided at the clinic.  

Flaircare Skincare Clinic also brings to Australia and New Zealand the Spry Recovery Pillow for restorative sleep and chronic pain issues with the spine, hips, knees and alignment issues.  Cynthia is always happy to chat about this innovative product from USA and show you it's applications at the Flaircare Skincare Clinic.


100% Skincare = 80% Cosmeceuticals Used at home + 20% Skincare Treatments at Flaircare Skincare Nonsurgical Rejuvenation Clinic

Flaircare Skincare and Cynthia have made a commitment to choose cosmecutical skincare products for anti aging that are formulated free of parabens, artificial colours, artificial fragrances, SLS, PEG, or propylene glycol.  Skin care products sold through Flaircare Skincare are all CCF (Choose Cruelty Free).  Cynthia is happy for you to order with Flaircare's online store, stop by the clinic (although prior knowledge required) or send an email (cynthia@flaircare.com.au).

All treatments are practiced safely from the premises of a General Practitioner. 

"No matter what your skin type, or what you have done in the past, please stop by for a free consultation and take the first step to revealing your true glow."

Flaircare Skincare Clinic provides full service skin care.  All appropriate treatments plans, cosmeceuticals, products, education, consultation and follow up visits are provided at the clinic .


100% Satisfaction

While shopping with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions about us, our products, or even shipping, get in touch! 

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What's in the Spry Recovery Pillow

Check out this great video  - now called Spry Pillow - made with innovative product Flo-form(R) available online store

Happy Customer Response from IECSC 2018

Check out another great clip for the new kid on the block with positional comfort and support.  Spry Pillow (used to be called Sisu) and Spry Recovery are brilliant pillows - moulding to your anatomical needs when battling chronic issues with joints, back, neck.  Spry is perfect for workplace chairs, cars, long haul flights. 

Spry Recovery

Spry Therapeutics demonstrates some of the many uses of this innovative Recovery 'pillow' - and the way it keeps your alignment for comfort, health and recovery.  

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Flaircare welcomes inquiry on email too just send your questions to cynthia@flaircare.com.au

Flaircare Skincare Nonsurgical Rejuvenation Clinic

151 Wattletree Road, Malvern Victoria 3144, Australia

0425 296 985

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